Greg Malouf Seduces Melbourne with Middle Eastern Cuisine

Greg Malouf_drawing by Virginia HodgkinsonGreg Malouf is of Lebanese heritage but was born and raised in the Australian City of Melbourne. He has co-written several best-sellers about Middle Eastern cuisine, most recently ‘Turquoise’ about Turkish food and culture, and is the celebrated head chef of the restaurant Momo in Melbourne.

“Through all my travels I have not seen another city embrace Middle Eastern food like we have in Melbourne”, says chef and author Greg Malouf. He has just reopened the popular restaurant Momo in a new and beautifully outfitted space next door to Melbourne’s brand new hot-spot Spicemarket, where he oversees some of the most interesting bar food the city has to offer.

The master of Middle Eastern cuisine
“I hate the word fusion food”, he exclaims. “My food is based on my childhood memories and travels. The essence, the flavours and the spices are the same as…

For the entire article and Greg Malouf’s recipes read the July issue of the Turkish travel magazine New Focus.

Illustration: Virginia Hodgkinson

… my mother’s food but my food is more playful and is served in beautiful surroundings”.
With several successful restaurants and five best-selling cook books (co-written with his ex-wife the food journalist Lucy Malouf) under his belt Greg Malouf is considered the master of Middle Eastern cuisine in Melbourne. However he doesn’t rest on his laurels and together with Lucy Malouf he is already planning two extensive trips to Iran in order to find more inspiration for his own food and material for his next book to be published in late 2010.

Seduced by Turkey
Greg Malouf published his most recent book ‘Turquoise’ in 2007, a well researched and insightful interpretation of Turkish food and an homage to Turkish culture. As the culinary high-lights on his journeys in Turkey he endorses the small unpretentious places: “The beautiful kebabs from the little kebab shops in Istanbul and the pide pies. That’s what we serve in Spicemarket as well”.
He made a lot of new friends in Turkey and would love to revisit them and the country. He gets all dreamy-eyed when he is asked to mention the three things which spring to mind about Turkish culture and identity: “The almond eyes … egg plants and the chillies”. It seems like Greg Malouf was seduced by Turkey so he in return can seduce Melbourne with Turkish cuisine.

For the entire article and Greg Malouf’s recipes read the July issue of the Turkish travel magazine New Focus.


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