Capturing the Moment in Paris

Claudia Bhimra captures the moment in a self portrait at Île Saint-Louis in Paris

 “Taking a great picture is all about capturing the moment,” says American photographer Meredith Mullins.
Danish teenagers Claudia and Lucas Bhimra have met up with Meredith Mullins in her studio-slash-apartment on the picturesque Île Saint-Louis on the river Seine in the historic centre of Paris.
The siblings spend an hour with their brows furrowed in deep concentration as the photographer shares her professional tips on choosing your motive, working with light and getting to know your camera better.
In high spirits she then leads them down the cobblestoned streets of the island in order for them to capture their very own versions of the moment.

For more information about the teenagers’ amazing afternoon ‘capturing the moment’ send me an email at walther_g(a)
To learn more about Meredith Mullins’ work, and the photographic work shops she runs, visit her website.


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