Recipes for a twisted, but delicious, Danish lunch

Copenhagen Cooking restaurant Kronborg Danish Lunch

I collaborated with head chef, Jimmi Bengtsson, at Restaurant Kronborg about the recipes for a delicious Danish lunch of ‘smørrebrød’ (a.k.a. open sandwiches) inspired by Danish summer for the popular food festival, Copenhagen Cooking. Check out the recipes at foodie website,

Northern Europe’s largest, and probably most popular, food festival, Copenhagen Cooking, turned the Danish capital upside down for ten days of culinary delights in August 2013.
The traditional Danish lunch restaurant, Restaurant Kronborg, chipped in with a “twisted lunch platter” inspired by the  beautiful, if at times elusive, Nordic summer.
I collaborated with Restaurant Kronborg’s head chef, Jimmi Bengtsson, about writing the recipes for the twisted traditional Danish lunch dishes for foodie website,

More about Danish food and lunch
Read the recipes at (in Danish) or at Restaurant Kronborg’s blog (in English).
Or visit Restaurant Kronborg for a delicious lunch with the traditional Danish open sandwiches.

Photo by up-coming,  super-talented and over-all nice guy, food photographer Chris Tonnesen.

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