COOKBOOK – The Best Seasonal ‘Smørrebrød’

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I have teamed up with the inventive chefs at Restaurant Kronborg – Rikke, Jimmi and Mikkel – and talented photographer Chris Tonnesen to create a cookbook about ‘smørrebrød’ aka open sandwiches. Smørrebrød is the true national dish of Denmark, some even claim it is the country’s only unique contribution to world gastronomy.

Restaurant Kronborg is famous among the locals for its classic, home-made smørrebrød, a great ambience, friendly service and some of the best home-made aquavits in the Danish capital, Copenhagen.
Like most other national cuisines smørrebrød is best when it makes use of the local, seasonal ingredients, thus we have given ourselves a year to create the book, shooting new dishes and seasonal ingredients approximately every six weeks.

On 15 June 2016 we shot photos for the recipes for, among other dishes,

  • Mackerel in tomato
  • White asparagus with sauce mousseline
  • Potato with mayonnaise and bacon
  • Potato with ‘granny-salad’ and deep-fried anchovies
  • Potatoes with smoked salmon and herb crème
  • Potatoes with oven-baked ham, crème of smoked cheese and radishes
  • Kronborg’s ‘aquavit’ sandwich
  • Eggs with shrimps
  • Roastbeef with crisp onions, remoulade, pickled cucumber and fresh horseradish
  • Roastbeef with fried egg and pan-fried onions
  • Hen “salad” with asparagus and bacon
  • Shrimps with mayonnaise

For a sample of the style of the recipes I invite you to have a look at the blog at Restaurant Kronborg. Most of the recipes are, however, new and have never been published before.

If you have any questions concerning the cookbook I invite you to send an email to kontakt (a)


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