Sydney, Australia from 24 January to 8 March 2019

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I lived in Sydney, possibly my favourite city on the planet, for two years and make it a point to revisit the charming metropolis for an extended period as often as possible.
On this visit I especially looked forward to experiencing the new-comers on Sydney’s the ever-vibrant restaurant scene, profiting from the city’s many beautiful beaches and shop some of the design and fashion goodies the city is also famous for.
It was good fun to check up on some of my favourite spots and pastimes, like the coastal walk, the Royal Botanical Gardens and the iconic Sydney Opera House, as well as the café and beach life in Bronte and Bondi, all mentioned in my article about the perfect weekend in Sydney for Danish daily, Politiken (I know, rather outdated by now).
And I, of course paid homage to one of my favourite haunts, Sydney Fish Market, with its abundant selection of fish, shellfish and, especially, the famous Sydney Rock Oysters, which I wrote about for Danish daily, Berlingske.
However, I am not sure that I will venture out on a surf board, like I did for Danish daily, BT

First Visit to Tasmania

I was based in North Bondi, my favourite Sydney hood, but luckily there was time to explore other parts of this charming country, e.g., my first ever visit to Tasmania, where I enjoyed time in Freycinet Bay and Hobart, as well as return visits to the Blue Mountains and the coastline north of Sydney.
My primary reason for visiting Sydney is R & R, however I invite to contact me at walther.griese (a) if you would like a reportage, e.g., about the food scene and/or insider tips to make the most of a visit to this amazing city on my next visit (hopefully early 2022).

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