Will be in Cape Town, South Africa from late January to early March 2020

2018.Table Mountain_Roof Terrace View_web

I first visited the Mother City in 1997, shortly after apartheid was abolished (in 1991), and have always been completely taken by the pleasant, laidback lifestyle in this gorgeous coastal city.
On my first visit to Cape Town I experienced all the essential sights, like Robben Island (where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years), the District 6 Museum and the iconic Table Mountain.
All worth a visit but every time I return to Cape Town I aim to discover and explore new areas and experiences.

Cafés, Restaurants and Food in Cape Town
Cape Town is deservedly famous for its inexpensive restaurants serving tasty food and for amazing produce, often sourced at the city’s popular markets and local farms.
I look forward to revisiting old favourites (for a run-down of my favourite restaurants I invite you to visit the post from my last visit to Cape Town) and especially to experience the kitchen at newish and, to me, unfamiliar restaurants, like Grub & Vine, Fyn and Salsify.

Kalk Bay and Paternoster
However much I love the lifestyle in Cape Town I always try to fit in a visit to a couple of other places in South Africa. On this trip I will be staying in two of the most idyllic coastal towns you can imagine: Kalk Bay and Paternoster. Both towns lure visitors with their easy-going lifestyle, natural beauty and great food. I particularly look forward to the long stretches of beach in Paternoster and sampling the delicious food at Oep ve Koep (the bistro version of the world-famous Wolfgat, which I visited two years ago) as well as soaking up the harbour vibe in Kalk Bay where I expect one of the culinary high-lights to be The Foodbarn.

Cooking, dining and experiencing the art scene in Cape Town
I always try to plan some cultural expeditions, when I visit Cape Town, preferably experiencing new aspects of and/or neighbourhoods in the city.
This time around I am looking forward to learning how to cook a couple of Chef Matt Mannings’ most popular dishes at The Chef’s Studio and the leisurely, private supper club on Cloud Nine as well as a return visit to Investec Cape Town Art Fair, which always surprises me in a positive way with striking, edgy and, I imagine, commercial art as well as a great vibe!
More plans will surely be made during the trip…

Gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda
Even though South Africa offers amazing wildlife and safari adventures I have decided to go on a once-in-a-lifetime safari to experience the wild mountain gorillas in their natural habitat in Uganda and Rwanda. It is a fifteen day trip, arranged by Danish agency Viktors Farmor (translates as Victor’s Granny) and also offer other highlights, like the chimpanzees in Kibale National Park, the tree climbing lions in the Queen Elizabeth National Park and, on a more sombre note, the Kigali Genocide Memorial, commemorating the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

More tips for Cape Town
I will be in Cape Town from 21 January to 5 March 2020 and invite you to send me an email at walther.griese (a) gmail.com if you have any suggestions for places I should definitely experience on my visit. Or if you would like my input on the best places and experiences…



















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